An exciting partnership with JW3, Puppet Tales ​takes us through magical fairy-tale worlds, and introduces us to the funny old characters that live there...




















 Come with us every Wednesday afternoon to explore the magical Puppet Tales world!

Here you'll meet the Billy Goats Gruff, the Three Little Pigs, the Frog Prince, the Ugly Duckling,

 and many more... and you can help tell their stories!

The idea with Puppet Tales is to create an enchanting fairy-tale environment for young children and adults, a relaxed and friendly place in which to listen to a story, and take a part in a mini adventure. It's all about creating an atmosphere where children's minds and imaginations will be stimulated, through puppets, props, cushions and lots of funny voices.




Puppet Tales runs every Wednesday afternoon during term-time at 3.00pm and 4.15pm,

at JW3 on Finchley Road in North London.

For more information and to book tickets, take a look at the JW3 website:




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